Beach Love HeART


This event combined all my favourite past times; beach combing, sharing with friends and going to Wales with Charlie Green and meeting up with Tom Griffiths. For this spontaneous piece we found the most common object on the beach which happened to be seagull feathers and created the love heart. Blessed with wonderful weather I was able to take a photograph which showed all the creators of the heart in the form of their elongated shadows

‘Beach Love HeART – Magick for lovers and soulmates. Make a heart on a beach and send love across the sea. Beam love into the world, wish for love, call your soul mate, and know that others are doing the same all around the planet. We will all be joined in intention and this is a global event.
As we stand on our beaches, those magickal places between land and sea, ground and air, looking out to sea…others will be looking back at us too. Joined in love and inspiring more. Make your hearts with stones, shells, anything you find, fill them with intent and please share them on here for us all to enjoy. An event created by Jo Thilwind of Dreamspace Art’